Revelstoke Family Photography | Sunday Morning Pancakes

April 21, 2018

Revelstoke Family Photography | Sunday Morning Pancakes with the TerMarschs

A life in Revelstoke began long before meeting this family, the dream anyway; but it wasn’t until our paths crossed that this long standing dream became a reality. A home, a community, it was all becoming real. Their luck in finding the perfect home for their family meant the availability of another, what would soon become ours.

I will never forget the first conversation I had with Jacqueline. If I wasn’t already excited enough to be moving across the country with my boys to this little town in the mountains, I definitely was afterward. She so eagerly shared many of her favourites things about living in Revelstoke, as a relativity new transplant herself. All the things she adored about the community and what it had to offer a young family. She gushed about the easy access to nature, the many programs offered for children, and the community of parents that supported and cared for one another. Beyond all else, her genuine happiness and elation would leave anyone else questioning why they weren’t making the move to Revelstoke.

So, of course it was only fitting that I had the opportunity and pleasure to document their little family in their new Revelstoke home. Capturing a little slice of the life they have made for themselves and their little guy in this beautifully welcoming town amongst the giants.

And what a slice it was. With warm welcomes and the offering of a cup of coffee the minute I was through the door that sense of community she spoke of with such conviction was being fully experienced. Along with a cup of joe, little E made sure to share his favourite jeep and sip of water from his own cup before I had even taken off my shoes. This kid, all smiles and all business when it came to helping his folks make morning pancakes and juicing a few fruits and veggies. A sense of focus one would be hard pressed to find in a pre-teen let alone a toddler. But there he was,, determined to cracks eggs, mix batter, and choose the best looking mini carrots for his bevvy. The best part of it, at least from this side of the lens, to document had to be when it came to little E eating the pancakes. Those things didn’t stand a chance. There was no holding back the laughter from all of us when he managed his best “more pweeese” with a mouth stuffed so full of pancake I thought he’d lose it all.

But truly, this is why I love storytelling sessions. A document of those little slices of life where we are all just ourselves, comfortable in our own skin, or partially distracted from the insecurities we all often feel in front of the lens because we are busy doing our thing. Those in-between moments we think as parents we won’t forget but we will and we do. And it’s upon closer observation to the more mundane and routine parts that make up our day we realize this is where we live, this is who we are as family, this is our own culture of love and it’s absolutely worth visually memorializing.

Cooking in the kitchen, sharing our own passions with our little people, right down to the hilarity and sweetness of tub time with our toddlers – every adventure, big or small, is worth documenting to share with them in the future.

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