Revelstoke Family Photographer | The TerMarsch Family | Spring has Sprung

June 13, 2019

Photographing families didn’t always make sense to me. That was, until I learned there was a whole other way beyond the tradition of standing and smiling. This new found love of documenting families only spurred on by others who appreciated the approach and felt a sort of kinship with the visual memories that were produced.

And now, it all makes sense. Now, for me, photographing families has become less of a want, and more a need. It has become the thing that fuels my creativity, fosters a connection to others in my community, and brings my business full circle.

A creative career can be incredibly fulfilling, yet emotionally taxing. Being in situations where you are hired specifically to predict, observe, and react to emotionally driven moments can fill your cup beyond measure, but the crash is real. That’s why it is so important to find a part of the work that fosters a balance, an equilibrium between the emotional give and take. Photographing families is the place where I find this. Probably because it’s the place I feel most at home. The familiar territory that is motherhood, parenthood, and finding the beauty in the moments – those seemingly mundane to the outside world – that make the wild nature of my days with my own family make sense.

There is some kind of solidarity in parenthood, as different as the methods and madness may be, a lot of the little things come out looking a lot the same. But for any parent, finding parallels in existing as parents doesn’t take the special away, I think that’s where we find our comfort. It helps keep us moving forward and it’s all worth it, even when we feel like turning on our heels and running the opposite direction.

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