Revelstoke British Columbia Family Photography – Baby Brothers, Tutus, and Goodies from the Garden

June 13, 2019

The last two weeks of May were exciting ones for this Revelstoke, British Columbia family photographer. After a trip to the sunny south I made my way back north to spend a little time with a family who welcomed a new wee one into their crew only a few days before. It was such treat having the opportunity to document a little slice of this season of their lives. Mom and I have had a number of connections to each other over the course of our lives; from sports teams, to mutual friends, and history with my partners family. So being the one to capture these memories for her, and the family, was nothing short of incredible.

Staying close to home for their session was an easy choice, their ‘happy place’ and where big sister A feels most comfortable. Ohhhhh, Little A, this kid, my instant muse. As a family photographer, visually this little ones expression was photo gold, but it was the mama and outgoing lady in me that felt the true connection. She was bubbly and welcoming, she was her true self through and through.

There is so much love and laughter in this home. A family who plays together, stays together. The connection between the four of them was heartwarming. Looking forward to seeing these little ones grow over the next few years. Thank you for welcoming me in Martyniuk

Revelstoke family photographer Katie Langmuir captures honest moments of a family of four after bringing home new baby.
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