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To Remember How They Were

Our children are ever growing and ever changing, cycling through the stages more quickly than we can keep up. Summers of scraped knees, favourite toys, missing front teeth, and hair they refuse to brush. The things we think we'll never forget are the things worth documenting.


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How long does this type of session last?

How is this different from other portrait sessions?

Every "Portrait of Childhood" session is dynamic in its timing and depends on each child and their comfort with the camera. Some children take a little more time to feel comfortable enough to be themselves, while others are raring to go upon arrival. You can expect about 1/2 an hour of photographing time, but I encourage families to factor in a bit more time for me to hang out without the camera on to allow them to feel at ease and get eager to share just who they are.

Every "Portrait of Childhood" is unique to your child(ren). It's a session focused on capturing where your child is in their growing up journey and the unique qualities of the 'who' they are now. No one child is alike, and every parent knows the little things that make our children so special - those things we think we'll never forget - you are not just getting beautiful portraits of your children, you're getting a story of who they are now for us to carry with us when they've grown.



Where does the session take place?

What do we receive after the session is complete?

In a digital download gallery sent right to your email you can expect to receive at least 8+ high resolution (print quality), professionally edited photographs. No need to choose your favourite, each of the photographs available on the gallery are yours to keep.

Home is where the heart is, and where kids can best be themselves. Not only that, this is where are kids have their things, their space and the tangible items that are representative of where they are in life; stuffed animals, bedroom posters, a favourite blanket. These personalized spaces can make the most meaningful backdrop to a session that is dedicated to capturing our children as they are. If you're keen to have the session in another location, let's chat!


How do We Book?


Send me an Email

Share Their Story

Contract + Retainer



Once we've connected and found a date that works for your session I will send and have you read/sign a contract, followed by your session fee (to be paid in full) at time of booking. This locks in your date!

To get the process started and book your child(ren)'s portrait session send me a message here or email me directly at Include a a timeline of when you'd like the session to take place, a little about your child(ren) and what you'd most like documented.

Now I get to hear about your kiddo; who they are, what the like, and where they are in their journey and why you feel it is so important to have it documented. This can be achieved via email or we can set up a time for a phone call. The more information I have means the better equipped I will be to capture those special details.



I have had the pleasure of being awarded by and featured on some of the leading documentary family photography platforms in the world.


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The Power of the Real

An article underlining the necessity and value of creating portraits of our children simply as they are. While traditional portraits hold their value, portraits of the real create a deeply and truly meaningful connection that stands the test of time.

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