Kelowna Family Photographer | A Walk in the Park

October 10, 2016

Where to begin describing my connection with this little fam jamily.

It’s kind of a funny story.

Mike and I met through work, years ago, Kelowna side. And for anyone who knows Mike, knows he’s kind of a hard fella not to love. Or at least he’s a hard fella not to laugh with. He’s a hoot. I was hooked. Then I met his lady. Yup, his better half. Equally hilarious and equally likable. Of course in the madness of life in your late twenties and good skiing and rock climbing everywhere we just didn’t get to hang as much as I certainly would have like.

Fast forward 2 years. We’re both pregnant. And we’re moving back to Ontario.

Fast forward 5 years. In all the time we lived in Kelowna, pretty darn close to each other, April and I spoke more (and I mean way more) to each other than we ever did living in the same city. We shared and communicated like ancient friends, like kindred mamas who weren’t afraid to share the madness of parenting and partnership. You know those people you just connect with. Yeah, she was one of them.

So yes, 5 years later. Hearing all about her boys (now plural) growing and braving the world all this time, and now I was going to get to FINALLY meet them.

Well, they were incredible, and it just made me miss home and wish my boys were there with me meeting a few of their future BFF’s.

This family loves so hard and isn’t afraid to show it; to each other and to their kids. The best part, they wear the realities and complexities of parenthood and partnership on their sleeves. This, I have such an incredible amount of respect for. Because most of us don’t. I got to photograph this to boot. To have the opportunity to highlight their nature was beyond a pleasure. Even better, it meant so much to them.

Well folks, that’s what it’s all about. It’s gotta mean something.

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