June 2, 2017

Portraits of Childhood

Kelowna Portrait Photographer – Photographing the true nature of childhood

“While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about”

– A. Schwindt

There is nothing linear about childhood, there is no simple rule that we can apply to our children and how they experience, perceive and move through their world. Our children are their own little people. As parents most of begin to recognize these incredibly unique traits from an incredible young age. Some even say human personality starts to develop in-utero. That’s just amazing!

As humans, our behaviours and personality traits are ever evolving; during childhood these changes are happening in hyper-speed, right alongside the physical changes too. This is what a “portrait of childhood” session is all about. It’s about documenting the beauty of where they are now, hinted with little pieces of the past and slight reflections of their future selves.

Is your child just beginning to lose their teeth? Has it changed their look entirely, but you know it’s not going to last forever? Is your little one moving out of their baby/toddler stage and with it her whispy baby hairs and chub 😉 are going with it? Is puberty on the horizon (oh dear! May the force be with you :)? Is there something so significant and beautiful the you notice about your child RIGHT NOW, that you need to capture so that you can hold onto it forever? This is the time.

I am watching my children go through it as we speak and I recognize the importance of capturing these fleeting things. The ebb and flow of childhood; from baby to toddler to pre-school to school-age to tween to tween. It goes fast, everyone tells us that; I say that. Because you know what? It does.

If you are looking for a portrait photographer in Kelowna you’ve come to the right place, if you totally feel me just get in touch here

I can’t wait to hear the incredible stories about your ever changing sweetie.

Portraits of Childhood Session last 45 minutes, at home or a location of your choosing – 10-15 high resolution, professionally edited photographs available in an online gallery; easy to access, perfect for sharing, ready for social media – ordering of any fine art/large format/matted prints can be done directly from this online gallery.

Kelowna Portrait Photographer Katie Langmuir

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